El Matador State Beach

I fell in love with Southern California, and it only took a week.

Last month my honey and I took a somewhat impromptu trip to LA. We usually mull over our destinations up to a year a head of time and then spend months planning. Maybe it was because of the tireless winter this year, or the depressing politics wearing away at us, but this trip was different. We decided in early February to get away and we on a flight in March. Let me just say, I could get used to this kind of spontaneity if this is what it produces.

We left California inspired and rejuvenated. And one of my favorite places was El Matador Beach in Malibu. The beach was a bit crowded, and the water freezing cold but nonetheless it was well worth the short drive up the Pacific Coast Highway. Just see for yourself...

I have more highlights from this trip to come, so stay tuned!