My name is Gina and I like to describe myself as an explorer, environmentalist, and intentional living advocate. Originally form New York City, I now live in sunny Los Angeles. See Soo Much is my space to discuss all things things that contribute to a life well lived. I love getting into the weeds on topics like travel, minimalism, mindfulness, and anything else catches my fancy in the latest podcast I have streaming!

I hope you will hang around and find something that interests you here. And if you do please let me know either in the comments or elsewhere online, because if you are into anything I talk about here I am pretty sure we'd become friends.


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for the curious... Why See Soo Much?

So a little bit of background on how this See Soo Much came to be... I began making travel and exploration a priority in my life (about 4 years ago now), I've felt my life widen and deepen and that growth is what I seek preserve here. I mean how often do you have a great revelation or create an incredible memory only to have it fade away within a few days?! I was inspired in 2015 when my partner and I went on a jam packed trip to Europe. When sharing our plans with a close friend, he could only respond "you're gonna see sooooo much!" (in his very Greek and charming accent). He was totally right, and we had an incredible time. So I adopted this as a mantra for both when I am traveling or when I am at home. I want to see so much, I want to learn so much, and I want to do so much with my life. That is the heart of See Soo Much and what I believe a mindful, intentionally crafted life allows for - space for living your best life, whatever that looks like to you. 

Some of my favorite things to document and what you will see on the blog are art & architecture, beautiful beaches, pretty cities, and how travel has changed (and continues to change) my worldview. Also, I love photography so all of the photos you find here are my own (or that of my incredible partner in life and exploration), but I will be sure to note it if that isn't the case.

Below I have linked a few posts I recommend starting with to get to know me and the soul of See Soo Much a bit better. I also recommend clicking on Explore in the navigation at the top to peruse the archive, or scrolling down a little bit further to explore a map of places I've been (including links to posts I've written about them).


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